The Fix- Part 1

2.  Similarity of interests

People like people who are like them.  Business is ecumenical, not in regard to outward appearances or religion but business objectives.  The easiest way to build the “like” part of know/like/trust is to be around people with similar interests and objectives.  At a traditional networking meeting, someone across the table could be very interested in selling a copier; however, you may not be quite as interested.  When an un-networking group follows Step #1, and participants are not trying to sell each other, the focus can move to mutual interests.  This is when trust is built.

Caveat:  interests cannot be too similar.  In particular, networking with competitors trolling the same room builds an environment of distrust.  For relationship building, an environment of complete openness must be fostered.  Ideally, this would include a nondisclosure agreement among the group.

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  • John Holder says:
    April 4, 2012 10:27 AM

    Are you sure about who people like? Many of us like “people like they’d like to be”, which is somewhat different, isn’t it!
    This is evidenced by mixing with more successful people than ourselves, for example.

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