Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to join Level 7?

Owners, Partners, and Top Executives are eligible for membership in Level 7.  It is important that the group have similarity of business interests.  That is, they are like-minded business people.   Level 7 is designed for businesses whose customers are other businesses (B2B).  Occasionally, we do make exceptions for executives in B2C businesses that would be valuable members of Level 7.


How much business can I expect to gain from my membership?

We have no idea.  You should not join Level 7 solely to get business.  It is this short-cutting the relationship building that has destroyed networking meetings.  Everyone wants to skip the know, like, and trust-building process and skip right to the money exchange.  It doesn’t work.   At Level 7, we hold steadfast to what does work: build relationships and the business will come later. 


How long has Level 7 been in business?

Our company has been in business since 1990.  Level 7 is a new venture started in 2010.  We work with small-to-medium businesses around the country and saw a need for this type group.  After planning and strategizing for most of 2009, Level 7 was born.


Where are the meetings held?

Level 7 partners with Sullivan’s Steakhouse for in most of our meeting cities.  Some cities may meet at similar type locations such as Ruth’s Chris, however Sullivan’s is our preferred partner.


Are salespeople allowed to join?

No.  All business owners have some sales responsibility, so CEOs are welcome to join.  However persons in a sales-only capacity are not eligible for membership.

I hate that uncomfortable feeling I get at networking meetings, walking around feeling like I am butting into conversations, is Level 7 different?

Level 7 was designed for people that hate networking.  You sit in assigned seats with the same people each month.  Groups are mixed semi-annually to insure maximum opportunity.  However, you will never feel uncomfortable at a Level 7 meeting.  We don’t even use name tags.  You don’t need a name tag when you know someone.


How often does the group meet?

Most Level 7 groups meet once per month on the 2nd Friday 11:30am – 1:00pm


What is the group size?

Maximum group size is 50 members. 


Do you allow competitors in the same group?

No.  This would destroy the trust-building process.


Is there a contract?

No.  Level 7 believes in accountability for members and for our organization.  Membership is on a month to month basis.  You are free to leave at any time.  However, since competitors are not allowed in the same group, many industries have waiting lists.  If you exit a group, even for a month, your spot could be filled and not be available later.


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Susan Albers
Susan Albers
President, Morningside

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