Private Author Group

Each month, Level 7 brings in an out-of-town book author to lead a workshop with our business owner members.  Why do we do this:

  • The right book can ignite passion and creativity.  In turn, this creativity can transform your business.
  • Business owners want to discuss meaningful topics with other, like-minded business owners.  Our book authors provide the talking points for powerful table discussion amongst the members.
  • We wanted to create a safe-haven where business owners could always hear quality content and not feel under attack from networking trollers.

What you can expect at each and every Level 7 meeting:

  • Attendees will be vetted.  Not everyone is welcome at Level 7, just B2B business owners and select executives
  • Speakers will be vetted.  We read dozens of books before we interview an author.  We interview approximately ten authors for every one we ask to speak.
  • Speakers will be interactive.  You can hear a speech anywhere.  Our speakers engage and dialogue with the audience.
  • Because we are fussy about speakers and attendees, you do not have to be.
  • When you show up to the Private Author Group, your time will be well spent.

Guests are welcome, but must be approved by the local Level 7 leader.  Guests are permitted to attend one meeting at no cost.

October Author- Bill Schley

Charlotte: October 13th             Indianapolis: October 14th




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