Our Process

Level 7 Network is effective because:

  • 50 person maximum membership
  • 10 person primary group with consistent members.  This allows members to have a core group to create a higher degree of relationship-building and comfort.
  • Invitation-only membership.  Membership criteria are:
    • Principle or Business Owner
      • Responsible for the profitability of the business or business unit
    • 10-500 employees
    • $2MM in revenue or exception granted
    • Committed to long-term relationship-building
    • Open to sharing their expertise
    • Open to receiving input from other business owners
    • Lifetime learner
  • Powerful meetings eight times per year for two hours
  • Lunch or breakfast groups (room and food is included in membership)
  • No direct selling allowed.  We are building relationships, not leads
  • No name tags.  Name tags are for trollers that don’t know each other.  We build relationships.  You don’t need a name tag when you know the person.
  • Proprietary scorekeeping methodology.   We use an online portal to track what matters.  Business owners love to keep score, so we do it in a positive, fun-filled manner.
  • Networking process built for normal people instead of the professional event troller.  You will need and get to know other members just by following our process rather than being a Buttinski
  • Enough “skin in the game” to matter.  Do you know what you get from a $20 networking group?  You get a $20 networking group.

Featured Member

Auri Rahimzadeh
Auri Rahimzadeh
President, Auri Group

Level 7 Un-Networking