About us


Level 7 Un-network is an Indianapolis-based group of business owners and senior executives. Unlike other organizations, Level 7 was created by business owners, for business owners.  Our founders have over a hundred years experience working as business coaches and consultants for small-medium-sized businesses.   In working with these businesses, several themes came to light regarding networking and creating meaningful business relationships.

Over the course of ten years, our founders formulated the principles for Level 7.  These principles include the Seven Levels of Networking and the 11 Principles of Un-networking.  Our process incorporates all of these essential elements to deliver a business experience unavailable elsewhere.


Business owners crave meaningful contact with other business owners.  Our mission is to facilitate meaningful contact between business owners.  To us, this means creating a comfortable, stress-free environment plus a system known to produce results.

Our Philosophy

There seems to be an infinite supply of CEO networking opportunities.  To us, this begs the question, “Is simply being around other businesspeople enough to qualify as networking?”  In our mind, the answer is “no.”  Just because business owners interact with other businesspeople, it doesn’t mean anything important is happening.  Our studies show that over ninety percent of business owners have dropped out of all networking activities.  The reason is simple; most networking functions are a waste of time.

Come one, come all is not our motto.  Everyone is welcome means anyone is welcome.  For networking to be effective, the right people must be in the room.  By definition, this means that some people must be excluded.   This truism forms one of the core beliefs of Level 7.  That is, the right environment plus the right process plus the right people make for highly effective networking.

Featured Member

Sandy Shadley
Sandy Shadley
President, Alliance Environmental Group

Level 7 Un-Networking