What is Level 7?

Level 7 Un-networking was created by business owners sick and tired of conventional networking techniques. We grew tired of events filled with salespeople trying to sell other salespeople. In fact, we grew so tired of networking that we gave up.

By the same token, we thirsted for meaningful contact with other key decision-makers. These decision-makers were never attending traditional networking events, so we tried joining the upper-echelon clubs. We attended their meeting and social gatherings. Yes, the right people were in attendance but it seemed like dumb luck making a meaningful connection with anyone. Again, we became frustrated that the effort needed was not worth the reward gained.

Then we made a list of everything we disliked about traditional networking.

  • Never any prospects or meaningful connections in attendance, just salespeople hopelessly trying to sell other salespeople
  • Professional trollers that frequent networking events annoying us
  • Having to make small talk
  • Never any B2B businesses in attendance, always realtors, insurance agents, and movers
  • Ridiculous attendance requirements
  • Forced lead quotas
  • No real connections made, just surface-level meet and greet

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David Hurdle
David Hurdle
Paradigm Group, Inc

Level 7 Un-Networking